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21 March 2017
Hip Hop
https://www.facebook.com/knowel.davisionaire https://soundcloud.com/knowel-da-visionaire
18 January 2017
2017 begins a collaborative journey unlike any other. As we enter the world of remix, Top reggae/dancehall artiste Chux Starr was recruited by Toronto based group EMG who have over a decade of musical history in R&B and Hip Hop that they wanted to fuze with a dancehall sound. EMG has mastered another angle of their creative influence when they recorded the remix track 'Tell Me'. Currently playing in high rotation on G98.7 and VIBE105 Toronto supporters have the team on high demand for performances and interview opportunities. The combination of reggae/r&b/hiphop has fuzed the music and personalities of these talented artists and is heading in one direction, which is UP! The songs sound has the industry confident that collectively the 'Tell Me' camp is soaring with the eagles reaching limitless heights.
14 February 2017
Hip Hop
From their 2007 debut German Lugers, the collabo albums wit...
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