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Kid Riko


Born of Puerto Rican & Black descent, DeLeon Tolbert, also known as Kid Riko, is a song writer and record producer from Tuskegee, AL. Kid Riko is most noted for his unique beat making skills paired with his strong delivery, witty punchlines, & wordplay. His rapping style, especially his lyricism, is heavily influenced by "east coast street hop", combined with his "southern lingo" and "chilled personality". Well known for his punchlines, wordplay, flow, & delivery, rapper/producer Kid Riko, also known as "eL Rey," was born December 18, 1990 in Opelika, AL. Riko was raised in Tuskegee, AL most of his life. He began writing lyrics at the age of 12. His uncanny lyrical abilities would later earn him the nickname, "The Mercenary" of the rap game, thought to be an understatement by a few of his listeners.


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