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NickyWill- Just Live


Nicky Will is a Alternative Hip-Hop artist based out of Atlanta with his new album "Dear World" set to drop in August, watch his new video "Just Live". Check out Nicky Will on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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BUMPY103 Street Life Vol 4 - Blood Moon Tetrad


Twitter: @BUMPY103

Instagram: @BaneBxxgie27


Candis - Woke Up Today ft. Canton Jones, Vaughn P, & Kenny Blanco


Checkout the new video by Candis - Woke Up Today ft. Canton Jones ,Vaughn P, & Kenny Blanco. DreamHouse Entertainment. Download on iTunes today -


Trembling Lantern (2016 Version)

Glow Lee Mamba aka Danjel Medovič started doing music on Amiga computers at the age of 9. Also on iTunes and all other digital platforms. CD's available. 

<a href="">Trembling Lantern (2016 Version) by Glow Lee Mamba</a>

Roe Nelle

Rose Nelle


Roe is a Vocalist from Toronto. Coming from a family of musically inclined individuals and being involved in an all-girl group “Mixed Emotions” in high school where she was the song writer and rapper of the group, she decided in 2010 to pursue her music as a professional Artist like her influences Beyonce, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and Aaliyah.

A songwriter of Experience and Singer of instinct, Roe possesses a gift for writing and performing catchy songs that leave the audience moved by the raw emotion in them. Her roots are firmly placed in mainstream Urban/R&B; however she draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "My style is Urban. I can write a soulful R&B record today, and the next a Hip Hop record from street to conscious will come out of me and I just embrace it… I am a multi-faceted individual. I do not like to categorize myself in any type of way” It is that versatility that has Roe in the studio working on multiple projects that will soon cause an uproar in not only her city but the multiple genres she effortlessly fits into.

Music is not a new passion for Roe however: after being involved in her church choir at such a tender age of 6, Roe started writing her own songs by the age of 11: "I use to just sing … sing anything… I could be sitting in my room and singing about sitting in my room and how I felt at that very moment and what was on my mind and then I would just write about it, that was my sweet escape. My mom would send me to the store in the rain and I would be singing my heart out in the rain holding grocery bags, people must o thought I was crazy and I remember just papers all over my room of songs, my mom hated that” – she laughs. But it wasn't until creating an all-girl group by the name “Mixed emotions” that she considered music could be a calling. Through the next several years life took Roe through many different journeys from becoming a single mother at the age of 17, studying and holding different jobs to losing her best friend – her brother whom was also an artist. Music, truth be told was never far from her mind. “I always knew it was a matter of time before I start to sing and write again because throughout all the difficulties I have faced in life my note pad and this voice was always my number one outlet and I now had something new to sing or write about. All of the things I have been through have influenced me to be the artist I am today and I can’t wait to share that with the world. I believe there are people out there that need to hear me. I didn't go through what I went through and I wasn't given this gift for no reason.” Moreover her experience has made her aware of what passionately burns inside her and that is her music.