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Roe Nelle

Rose Nelle


Roe is a Vocalist from Toronto. Coming from a family of musically inclined individuals and being involved in an all-girl group “Mixed Emotions” in high school where she was the song writer and rapper of the group, she decided in 2010 to pursue her music as a professional Artist like her influences Beyonce, Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and Aaliyah.

A songwriter of Experience and Singer of instinct, Roe possesses a gift for writing and performing catchy songs that leave the audience moved by the raw emotion in them. Her roots are firmly placed in mainstream Urban/R&B; however she draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "My style is Urban. I can write a soulful R&B record today, and the next a Hip Hop record from street to conscious will come out of me and I just embrace it… I am a multi-faceted individual. I do not like to categorize myself in any type of way” It is that versatility that has Roe in the studio working on multiple projects that will soon cause an uproar in not only her city but the multiple genres she effortlessly fits into.

Music is not a new passion for Roe however: after being involved in her church choir at such a tender age of 6, Roe started writing her own songs by the age of 11: "I use to just sing … sing anything… I could be sitting in my room and singing about sitting in my room and how I felt at that very moment and what was on my mind and then I would just write about it, that was my sweet escape. My mom would send me to the store in the rain and I would be singing my heart out in the rain holding grocery bags, people must o thought I was crazy and I remember just papers all over my room of songs, my mom hated that” – she laughs. But it wasn't until creating an all-girl group by the name “Mixed emotions” that she considered music could be a calling. Through the next several years life took Roe through many different journeys from becoming a single mother at the age of 17, studying and holding different jobs to losing her best friend – her brother whom was also an artist. Music, truth be told was never far from her mind. “I always knew it was a matter of time before I start to sing and write again because throughout all the difficulties I have faced in life my note pad and this voice was always my number one outlet and I now had something new to sing or write about. All of the things I have been through have influenced me to be the artist I am today and I can’t wait to share that with the world. I believe there are people out there that need to hear me. I didn't go through what I went through and I wasn't given this gift for no reason.” Moreover her experience has made her aware of what passionately burns inside her and that is her music.


Rikki Jai and The Jaimastarz - Let Go Her Hand


FOR BOOKINGS This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. instagram: rikkijaimaster facebook: rikkidjaimaster twitter: rikkidjaimaster youtube channel : rikkijaimusic


Walshy Fire Dancehall Mix - Riddimstream Vol 9 - RS9 #FUTUREDANCEHALL

Riddimstream Vol 9 RS9 Future Dancehall 1

Walshy Fire Presents Riddimstream Vol 9 - RS9 - #FutureDancehall. 1. The Wizard - Nuh Badda Dan Wi (Major Lazer Dub) 2. Bounty Killer - Been Bad (Silva x Marcaida Bootleg) 3. F*ck Off Dub - Vybz Kartel - Which League (Willy Chin) 4. Fire Starta - Alkaline - Champion Boy Raw 5. Fire Starta - Beenie Man- Suh Mi Born 6. Fire Starta - I Octane - Straight Singer 7. Fire Starta - Masicka - HardBall 8. Fire Starta - Mavado - Funeral Bell 9. Fire Starta - Mavado - Funeral Bell (Super Edit) 10. Lean On (BrainDeaD Booty Bootleg) 11. Charly Black - Party Animal 12. Walshy Fire and Runtown ft Machel and Wizkid - Bend Down Pause Remix 13. Major Lazer - Nyla- Light It Up (MiKa Edit) 14. Major Lazer - Boom- (DJ Diggz Edit) 15. Shaggy-I Need Your love - Brain Dead Remix 16. The Kemist - Incredible 17. Rihanna Ft Drake - Work - Jester Dancehall Refix 18. Tian Winter - Ms Set Good (Doc & Jes Remix) 19. Chronixx - Whistle - Walshy Fire Dub 20. Alkaline - Company (Zen Riddim - Anju Blaxx) 21. Popcaan - Suck Unu Madda (Kill Badmind) [Zen Riddim] 22. Dexta Daps - Shabba Madda Pot 23. Ricky Blaze - Apart feat Alexus Rose 24. Ricky Blaze - Sink It feat Kranium 25. Mr Easy - Bashment Gal Dub 26. Popcorn - Money Me a Study 27. Version - Dark Enz 28. Vybz Kartel - Which League 29. Alkaline - ATM 30. Charlie Black - Come Fi Di Backaz 31. Don Andre - Tom Cruise Remix - Ding Dong Ft Chi Ching 32. Adonia - Fasta x Ameiro - Body Brukka 2016 Refix 33. Wicked Wicked - Chi Ching - Roast Or Fry 34. Wicked Wicked - Sizzla - Mek Sure 35. Wicked Wicked - Popcaan - Wicked Man Ting 36. Ramriddlz - Call Me ft Nemisis 37. Salvatore - nah tell nobody 38. Confessional Riddim - Denyque - Move On 39. Confessional Riddim - Carlos Turner - Closest Friend 40. Confessional Riddim - Pressure - On & On 41. Confessional Riddim - Agent Sasco - Confession


Ffrench - Hot Gal Luxury / Vybz Kartel - Mad Dawg - Knock Weh Riddim

Kartel Mad Dawg Pic 2
 Knock Weh Riddim - 2016 Dancehall ft Vybz Kartel - "Madd Dawg" - Dirtworx Entertainment.

The Odd Tape by Oddisee

 <a href="">The Odd Tape by Oddisee</a>

Oddisee is an everyman with extraordinary talent. Both a rapper chronicling the perils and joys of ordinary existence, and a virtuosic producer attuned to the vibrations of how life actually sounds. But don’t mistake the Odd Tape for the noise of birds chirping, idle chatter, or car alarms; it’s that internal soul-jazz reverberating at the back of your brain. 

For the last decade, the Mello Music Group artist has alternated between instrumental albums, full-length rap records, and his role as one-third of Diamond District. The Odd Tape is technically the former—there are no vocals—but if you call this an instrumental album, you might as well say the same about Bitches Brew. 

After a decade making music, the Prince Georges, Md.-raised and Brooklyn-based has transcended influences, comparisons and genre. The Odd Tape showcases the range of a composer bending hip-hop, soul, and jazz into singular form, tapping into that same emotional Fort Knox that animates all wordless choruses. 

The Odd Tape revolves around the rhythms of the artist’s daily life. It starts in the morning with “Alarmed,” that sounds like if Shuggie Otis did a psychedelic eye-opening cover of Nas’ “Shootouts.” It rolls through “Right Side of the Bed,” with its glitter-gold sax lines, loose drums, and sunshine-slanting-through-the-blinds keyboards. Oddisee went from sampling to creating the eternal sounds of his original inspirations. You can hear older gods like Roy Ayers, Bob James, and Fela, but mostly you hear Oddisee continue to come into his own. 

As Pitchfork described his previous album, 2015’s The Good Fight: “the music feels distinctly international and unhindered, far removed from the straight-ahead boom-bap he used to make. He’s always created on his own terms, but [this] feels like a hearty "f**k you" to prevailing groupthink and the industry’s creative limitations.” 

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