Knowledge Nick

Memphis emcee Knowledge Nick presents "Give It Up", his new single produced by Memphis beatsmith DJ Hush. The video is directed by Prophecy of Liberated Filmz, and the track will appear on Nick's forthcoming mixtape Slaughter Season, a collaboration with Hush featuring beats from Empee and MaxPtah. Nick has opened up for artists like Ghostface KIllah, Raekwon and Gift of Gab. Nick calls his new song as "just a lyrical onslaught - point blank period. I needed the production to be hard yet have that classic hip hop feel with a new jack swing. The inspiration came from how some of these 'viral' emcees put on facades and are culture vultures. In my opinion hip hop is not about how many blogs you are on, how many YouTube views you have, etc. It's literally a way of life. I definitely felt I made my point across with the joint while speaking straight from the heart." Slaughter Season drops late summer on Artist Tree Entertainment.


Gayla James

It seems like every 10-to-20 years, a new style of Gospel singer is introduced and accepted. In the 1930s Mahalia Jackson provided new energy to traditional songs. In the 1950s Shirley Caesar became the Story teller of gospel. In the 1970s James Cleveland said that there would be peace and peace was still. In the 1990s Yolanda Adams let the gospel world of music know that she was every woman and God accepted her just as she was. The 2000s will belong to the anointed Gayla James.Gayla, whose heartfelt song testimonials and soul lifting voice tunes have been introducing folks to God since she began singing in a Ft. Myers, Florida church at the age of three, Gayla released her sophomore album, “Broken” in 2011. Thanks to her high powered style and overflowing anointing, Gayla’s has had an opportunity to display her gifts while performing on the Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Show, and with current gospel greats including: Dorothy Norwood, Vickie Winans, Marvin Sapp, Lee Williams & The QCs, Rance Allen and Kirk Franklin. She was also invited to perform at the Gospel Music Awards in London.Though singing was what she was assigned to do, it’s not all that she does for people’s souls. If you ask Gayla, why she works so hard for God she will tell you, “I am here to make a difference in lives through music. My prayer is that the young and old can be healed, saved and delivered through my singing ministry. I am here to change lives and the touch the broken hearted.”



M-DOT, "DAYS ARE ALL THE SAME" (Prod. by Hi-Tek)

Boston MC and EMS crew frontman M-Dot presents "Days Are All The Same", his new single produced by Hi Tek, the Ohio producer behind collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent and Ghostface Killah. "Days Are All The Same" will appear on EgO anD The EneMy, M-Dot's forthcoming 2-part album featuring Method Man, Large Professor, Marley Marl, Buckwild, M-Phazes, Marco Polo, 7L, !llmind, Da Beatminerz and Snowgoons. "Days Are All The Same" comes on the heels of the release of visuals for EgO anD The EneMy singles "Give It To Me" and "Shine" featuring Method Man, Dominique Larue & Katy Gunn as well as "Dreamscape". M-Dot's last full-length release was Jake LaDOTta featuring Ras Kass & Edo G, and his discography includes Run MPC, Money Doesn't Own Thought, Layer Cake and Making Doubters Over Think. M-Dot has won multiple awards in Boston and did a 2012 European tour with Slaughterhouse. "The coveting of societal acceptance has reached new heights in a social media, "like" based planet," M-Dot says about the new single. "You find more people looking down at their phones then looking up to see what's happening with our culture nowadays; increasingly becoming robots to a system dangling products to the wide-eyed eager consumer." Disc 1 of egO anD The eneMy is due January 27th, 2017.



Beanstock - Live From District 3

The Beanstock crew is back to stake their claim in the surging Boston rap scene and to the rest of the world with the follow up to their well received free mixtape "More Things To Do..." that dropped in November. This time Beanstock's band of microphone misfits Keet Kolbang, Mr Shoosh, Bruno Trizz, Big Trayne, Cartier and Boogie Bawse wreak lyrical havoc and bring their brash signature Title Town bravado on a 12 track banger produced almost entirely by new comer in house producer Jet Black Assassin titled "Live from District 3" showcasing their "Grit-Hop" sound. With tracks names that range from "Doug Flutie" and "Paul Shaffer" to "How 2 Catch a Body" and "We Not Like Them" this should make for an interesting listen. 




01. Right Mind ft. Bruno Trizz, Boogie Bawse (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


02. How 2 Catch a Body ft. Mr Shoosh, Carmichael Citykidd (produced by 5 Star General)


03. Earthquake ft. Keet Kolbang, Boogie Bawse (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


04. Doug Flutie ft. Boogie Bawse, Mr Shoosh (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


05. Money on the Line ft. Cartier, Mr Shoosh, Keet Kolbang (produced by 5 Star General)


06. No Toupes ft. Bruno Trizz, Mr Shoosh (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


07. Paul Shaffer Remix ft. Keet Kolbang, Boogie Bawse (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


08. Load It Up ft. Big Trayne, Keet Kolbang (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


09. Wet Em ft. Mr Shoosh (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


10. We Not Like Them ft. Keet Kolbang, Bruno Trizz, Mr Shoosh (produced by 5 Star General)


11. Gotta Be ft. Keet Kolbang (produced by Jet Black Assassin)


12. It's My Turn ft. Boogie Bawse, Mr Shoosh, Bruno Trizz, Big Trayne (produced by Jet Black Assassin)



Nubiaan - More Than Gold


Arshad ‘Nubiaan’ Salandy was born in Trinidad (Caribbean). His father, an accomplished musician, taught Nubiaan how to play classical piano and read sheet music. Nubiaan started to sing R&B at the age of thirteen, recording his productions at a small studio in Morvant, Trinidad.

The name 'NUBIAAN' is a word derived from the East African language of Nubia (Sudan) meaning ‘Gold’. Nubiaan felt this name reflected every aspect of his artistic aspirations, “to shine like gold”.

According to Nubiaan: “Everyone is always in pursuit of ‘Gold'. [In the same way] I want every one to desire my music!”

Having travelled to Ghana, Nigeria, Barbados, England and Grenada in 2007, exploring musical opportunities, Nubiaan realised that there was an international market for calypso and soca music. This increased Nubiaan’s sense of national pride in his native musical style, which he decided to master, in order to represent soca world-wide.

To-date Nubiaan has worked with top Producers in Trinidad such as Juice Man of Roycape All Stars, Madmen Productions and the band Traffic. He also recorded a song with soca star Bunji Garlin in 2006, contributing to Bunji's album 'Next Direction' under the moniker 'T.R.S'.


Today Nubiaan’s music is highly recognizable with his district tenor-range, sultry soul tone over a unique blend of soca, EDM and R&B rhythms. His latest release “More Than Gold”, is a blend of such, produced by Madmen Productions and written by Nubiaan.


Stik Figa - "The Ends & Outs" (prod. Black Milk)

Topeka, Kansas' best kept secret may very well be Stik Figa.  He's got a classic under his belt already with Nashville producer L'Orange (The City Under The City), as well as a full EP with Oddisee that turned heads, and now he is back with plans for a January 27, 2017 album declaring whose turn it is: "Central Standard Time."


To start things off, Stik Figa is coming out the gate with a short and precise lyrical exercise of a track showcasing his pen over an elegant beat from Detroit's Black Milk. 


"This cut, "Ends & Outs," is a bit of nostalgia for me, I've always wanted to get on a track like that and do the lyrical exercise thing. When I heard the Black Milk beat, I was immediately drawn to the percussive elements first, and how it's not something you hear much anymore. I was inspired by Outkast "Wailin" just a cut with dope beats and rhymes that's fun to listen to, and rewind to make sure you caught everything," said Stik Figa


The New Album Stik Figa  "Central Standard Time" is available 1/27


Gensu Dean ft Diamond D - Principles & Codes

For those new to Gensu Dean, the Texas based analog producer started in Jackson, Mississippi producing on the now legendary Crooked Lettaz debut Grey Skies for his friend and Grammy Winner David Banner.  Since that time he has gone on to produce for some of the best to ever do it including Ol Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan), CL Smooth, Sean Price, Large Professor, Planet Asia, Denmark Vessey, Guilty Simpson, and more. 


"Slick words to me is all chatter"

Gensu Dean's analog production is nasty, funk em up raw - a return to all things scrunch-face good. Add legendary DITC founding member Diamond D on the mic and you know you're about to get a lesson from two of the coldest to ever do it.  Principles & Codes kicks in the door for Gensu Dean's new project coming November 25th titled "RAW" that features Diamond D, Roc Marciano, Homeboy Sandman, Red Pill, J-Live, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Conway, and more.    

"Hard drums, dope groove, and ill bar work from my man Diamond was the main ingredient for this joint," says Gensu. "It set the tone and standard for the rest of my album, and thus had to be the jump off!" 

Gensu Dean - RAW (Album 11/25)



New Orleans Bounce Battle Break Record

Artists: DJ Yamin (Professor Shorthair), Quickie Mart and Tony Skratchere
Title: NOLA Bounce Breaks V1
Format: 7" Vinyl (33 1/3 RPM)
Label: Superjock Records
Item Number: SJ104
Cost Price: $7 (USD)
Release Date: 8/30/16

DJ Yamin (aka Professor Shorthair), Quickie Mart and Tony Skratchere have created the very first New Orleans Bounce Battle Break record! This 7" contains exclusive samples not found anywhere else from NOLA Bounce artists such as 5th Ward Weebie, BJ So Cole and Hasizzle. It also provides all you DJ's with the classic scratch sounds that you've all come to know and love ("Beep, Ahh Yeah, Fresh"). Doubles are advised and get ready to shake dat ass! Side A contains three scratch sentences full of NOLA Bounce samples, classic scratch phrases and drum breaks. Side B contains one continuous New Orleans Bounce battle break for DJ's and Producers alike.
Limited to 500 copies. Original artwork by King Lario. Comes on red clear vinyl.


Modern Language, "Madlab" f. Illogic

California emcee Lucid Optics and UK producer Museum are Modern Language, presenting "Madlab", their new single from An Offer You Can Totally Refuse, their forthcoming album out now. "Madlab" features a guest appearance from Ohio emcee Illogic, who with Lucid Optics forms the duo Lucid Logic. Lucid and Museum first met when they performed on the same bill at a show in San Francisco, and have been collaborating digitally ever since, releasing the OK Txt Me EP in 2015. Lucid Optics is part of the Iscape collective, and has performed alongside Blueprint, Louis Logic and Milo. "Museum doesn't know it, but this beat was the greatest twentieth birthday present I could've asked for," says Lucid. "I was in a lot of turmoil in that period and still getting used to all the chaos around me. The main theme is realizing the power and potential human beings have while being surrounded by people who don't. I also met one of my favorite artists while we were working on this project and we became friends after playing a show at the Honey Hive in San Francisco. I think my verse leaves room and unanswered questions, which isn't always a bad thing, but Illogic really ties it together with that sort of spoken word piece. I'm super grateful to be working on more music with both of these dudes."