‘Captain America’ Directors Are Rebooting ‘The Warriors’ As A Hulu-Exclusive TV Series


In 1979, The Warriors made national waves for its gripping portrayal of NYC gang culture and the diplomacy thereof. But it appears after nearly 40 years of being a cult classic, The Warriors is slated for an update. Deadline reports that The Russo Brothers — who’ve struck box office gold with the Captain America series — have taken on Walter Hill’s iconic treatment with sights on sending it to small screens around the globe.

The report states that the Russos have teamed with writer Frank Baldwin, Paramount TV and Hulu to bring The Warriors into the 21st century. It should be noted that the brothers will only direct the pilot episode and that details remain terribly scarce, but we imagine, per Captain America, there will be lots of explosions. There’s no word yet on when we can expect the show to make its debut, but it’s certainly something to keep your eye on. We’ll be share to share updates on the production as they arrive. For now, you can watch the original trailer for The Warriors and refresh yourself with its gritty greatness. Just know The Warriors will be coming out to play in the very near future.