While U Still Can: Hear Prince’s ‘Sign O The Times’ Rehearsals ca. 1987


In the time since Prince‘s death, the internet has flooded with never-before-seen-or-heard material, ranging from ultra rare concert footage to shade-filled interviews, all lost in Prince’s infamously-rigorous sweep of the web. And while there’s certainly no end to the rabbit hole one can find themselves falling down when typing “Prince” into Youtube’s search field, today we’re happy to shine some light on particularly exceptional find, namely that of a full, perfectly-preserved copy of Prince’s Sign O The Times rehearsals, dug up by our very own board member, OKP Kil (who was also responsible for unearthing those choice D’Angelo & The Soultronics Essence Festival rehearsals.)

The devout purple patron may already have this two-disc collection stashed away on a vaulted hard drive, but for the rest of you, here’s an intimate glimpse into the preparations for Prince’s first post-Revolution tour, featuring the likes of Sheila E., Dr. Fink, Eric Leeds, Cat Glover, Miko Weaver and Levi Seacer Jr.. Best of all, it’s available for your to hear and download in the players below. Be warned, it may not be up for much longer, so smash that button while you still can.