RZA Paul Banks Detail Their Super Hero Lifestyle for Mass Appeal


RZA will always be a gravity defying, Kung Fu master super-hero in my eyes after that “Tragedy” video. However, when sitting down with his Banks & Steelz bandmate, Paul Banks, RZA opts to go in a different direction. In the latest edition of Mass Appeal’s Super… series, RZA and Paul Banks reveal their super-hero duo name would remain Banks and Steelz with their power being the ability to travel time. They go in great detail on their Tony Stark like headquarters in Malibu atop a pyramid, as well as on the villain giant mold monster who attacks women’s vaginas…. I don’t think this is the first time they’ve talked about this. Watch it all below.

Banks & Steelz Anything But Words album will be out August 26th via Warner Bros.