Watch The Hilarious Olympic Edition of ‘Vince Staples Reviews Every F*cking Thing’


If it’s not already in development, I’m sure Vince Staples isn’t far from getting his own show at this point. The Long Beach emcee seems to be the go-to for all forms of insightful and hilarious commentary on pretty much anything. This time around, GQ once again gets at Staples for ‘Vince Staples Reviews Every Fucking Thing’ for his take on the Summer Olympics in Rio.

There a number of captivating human interest stories, and stories of amazing athletic achievement coming out of Rio by the day, but we’re not here for that, we’re here to get petty with Staples right quick. In the clip, Vince likens Men’s Synchronized Diving to a FKA Twigs video, gives props to Table Tennis, and has some harsh words for male gymnasts. Funny stuff as always, check it out below. And In Case you missed it, Staples will be dropping his Prima Donna EP on August 19th (read up on that here).