Listen To A Potent Unheard J Dilla Mixtape From 2000


J Dilla is one of the few artists known to have a record collection equally as impressive as his own original catalogue. Those waxy 12-inch pressings are the very bones from which some of our favorite cuts are built. And while his beat tapes are a thing of legend, his mixtape game is practically unheard of. Cue: Boiler Room’s discovery of the potent and unheard Back To The Crib mixtape, gifted to BBE co-founder, Peter Adarkwah, during a trip to Dilla’s hometown at the turn of the last century. Recorded at some point between the middle of ’99 and the end of ’00, the tape introduces us to Dilla: The Scholar with an amazing blend of funk, soul and jazz.

For the devoted Dilla patron, new material is hard to come by (not because there’s any shortage of vaulted music, just that they’ve probably already hit every internet back alley and corner for any and all musical morsels.) But here’s a rare glimpse at the man’s bookshelf, compiled into one 45-minute mix that’ll surely earn its weight in rotations. Listen to J Dilla’s Back To The Crib mixtape down below and purchase your copy via Boiler Room today. The reissued wax of The Shining is out now as 10th anniversary 45s box set and is available to purchase at Turntable Lab today.