Riz Ahmed Talks Life After The Night Of UK/US Race Conceptions More On The Late Show


On Sunday, HBO‘s gripping mini-series The Night Of took its last bow with actor Riz Ahmed (or as he’s known as the show, “Nasir Khan”) shining all the way through its 8 episode run. Ahmed, whose mad-rapping alter-ego Riz MC recently linked up with Heems to form Swet Shop Boys, revealed his post-Night Of plans (starring in Star Wars: Rogue One and recently featured in Jason Bourne) as well as comparing conceptions of race in the UK and US, respectively.

Ahmed cites the disconnect between the American and British notions of “Asian,” how stateside fans often mistake him for Hispanic and are dumbfounded to learn that he’s neither American or Latino. He ends the interview by dropping a couple of bars for the show’s host, deconstructing the tea-and-crumpets British aesthetic with a light jab at the world’s favorite idiot Olympian, Ryan Lochte. You can watch Riz Ahmed’s poignant and charming Late Show interview down below, just be sure to catch up on The Night Of before the internet completely ruins it for you. Expect a couple of Emmy nods in the not too distant future.

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