Zach De La Rocha Shares Debut Solo Single “Digging For Windows” (prod. El-P)


When the supergroup Prophets Of Rage was forged, many wondered whether Rage Against The Machine frontman Zach De La Rocha might make an appearance with his old crew. We pondered and quickly learned that wouldn’t be the case no matter how hard we attempted to will it into existence. Nearly four months have passed, rumors of a solo De La Rocha project began to propagate, and today, those whispers have turned to full-on roars with the release of his debut solo single “Digging For Windows.”

The track features production from El-P (who De La Rocha had collaborated with on the 2014 Run The Jewels single “Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck)” as well as additional contributions from Nick Hook and Matt Sweeney. And so, with a full Rage Against The Machine reunion looking like it’s farther and farther down the pipeline, it appears we may just get the next best thing (or a much better thing, depending on preference.) Hear Zach De La Rocha’s fiery debut solo single “Digging For Windows” down below along with the track’s lyrics and take it home with you for the righteously low price of free. Keep your eyes on us and an ear to the ground for

fuck that bright shitthe spot or the flashlightswe in la ducking bothin the shadows with lead pipesthe days are all night

see if i pay edisonno medicinethese blues ain’t more better whenmy fever rise in the jungleas quick as the price spikesthe days are all night

my future snapped like a rubber bandoff my fold on a hand to handhe drew from his waisti put two in his roofand i can still hear his screamsall night

now they ride their portfolioslike rodeosrise every time my cherry glowson the end of my cig asthe smoke blows through the barsand the co’s laugh fadesas he strolls awaysays i gotta payoff that roll awayor its fuck your visitation daysand i pop off so in solitairei dream of offing these fred astairesand the skin off my fingers tearwe digging for windows herewhere the days are all night

this city’s a trap my partnerunder the lights of they choppersbodies tools for they coffersnot worth the cost of our coffinsi stare at a future so toxicno trust in the dust of a promisewon’t mark the name on a ballotso they can be free to devour our optionsand just like you I’m a targetill defined by the guap in my pocketbut the stage make figuresas quick as it off emwhat marley and pac get?i put these caps in capitalsleave minds blazed in they capitolsi step with a fury so actual factthat my offense could be capital

we digging for windows here