Michelle Obama Does A Fantastic Barack Impression


“If you don’t know what swag is, Steve, you definitely don’t have it.”

Just a few months from now, we’ll be waving goodbye to the Obama family’s White House years, and that’s certainly gonna hurt. The last eight years have been full of hills and valleys, but the personalities of this particular presidential family will forever be an American treasure.

But just in case you forgot just how candid and comfortable they are lampooning one another, FLOTUS Michelle Obama hit The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to remind us of just what we’ll be losing when either Clinton or Trump grab the wheel on Friday, January 20th. She keeps it pretty light, but offers some precious insight into the family dynamic; how Barack leaves the job at the doorstep, why Melia and Sasha tend to steer away from asking him about his day-to-day.

Most importantly, however, the FLOTUS with the mostest shared an uncanny impression of her husband that’s too on-point to pass over. You can start your day with a smile by watching down below. Let’s hope we get a few more of these before the Obamas bid us farewell and take some well-earned time away from the media.