Stevie Wonder Talks God, Race + A Nickname From The Temptations On PBS’ ‘Blank On Blank’


“I think melodies are like angels from heaven expressing a place for the heart to follow”

Stevie Wonder, American music treasure, is the subject of the latest installment of PBS’ animated interview series, Blank On Blank. For his run on the show, Blank On Blank brought a 2005 interview with Wonder to life, where the legend delves into his early years as a force on Motown’s star-studded roster, how he received the nickname “Nappy Wonder” from The Temptations after they noted his unkempt do (kinda harsh on the child, no?) and how his spirituality as always fed his music, claiming:

“If God didn’t want me to sing it, he wouldn’t have given me the talent to do it … I had a great relationship with God. For me, God was like a father. It was always someone I can touch, and he always had me in my arms, and I always felt that way.”

The unedited interview centered on his 1976 opus, Songs In The Key Of Life, which celebrates its 40th anniversary tomorrow, September 28th (gasp!) You can watch an animated Stevie Wonder ruminate on God, race and music in the clip below. That opening track of Songs In The Key Of Life is becoming more necessary by the hour. It might be to time to revisit.