Wolverine Is Worn, Weathered And Dangerous-As-Ever In Marvel’s New ‘Logan’ Trailer


Gotta give it to Marvel. Undeterred by previous Wolverine solo saga flops (in that they weren’t the blockbuster box office destroyers that The Avengers and Captain America have been for the comic book giant over the last decade) they seem to have hit the nail dead on with their latest, presumably final, installment in the Weapon X origins treatment.

Today they’ve shared a gripping and gritty new trailer for Logan, which finds the adamantium-clad X-Man worn, weathered and dangerous-as-ever. The plot revolves around a slightly older Wolverine, seemingly living in exile until called upon by trusty Professor Xavier to help protect a gifted girl (X-23,) adorned with the same powers as Wolverine, who will likely act as both savior and mentor for the spry mutant. Of course, Hugh Jackman reprises his borderline iconic role along with Patrick Stewart. James Mangold is in the hot seat as director.

The film is slated to arrive on March 3, 2017, but don’t wait that long to get a taste. Watch the new trailer for Marvel’s Logan down below and let us know if you’re feeling it in the comment section.