Dice Raw Continues To Educate On New Jim Crow With ‘The Last Jimmy’ Soundtrack


Will you fight in Trump’s America? If you’re like Dice Raw, we surely hope that you will join the front lines as the awareness is needed now more than ever in this country. His play, The Last Jimmy, which was inspired by Dr. Michelle Alexander‘s book The New Jim Crow, has explored race, socio-economics and mass incarceration in a country where a broken political justice system has essentially turned into modern-day slavery.

As evident by Ava DuVernay‘s 13th documentary, times have become physically and emotionally exhausting now that Trump is in office at the White House. Now, as an answer to the diabolicalness building in our nation’s capitol, Dice Raw has put out a soundtrack for The Last Jimmy, which you can hear and see for yourself below. Many of the songs included in the soundtrack are featured in the musical. “The main thing I want people to get from the play—and the album—is a call to action and to wake up anyone who doesn’t know what is going on about mass incarceration,” Dice explained in an interview with Philadelphia Weekly.

With this new administration on the rise, private prison stock gaining in the market — music like Dice Raw’s can not only education, but save lives.

Listen to the stream of The Last Jimmy soundtrack on Spotify here or in the YouTube player below.

01 The Stats02 Better Life03 Ruff Side of Town04 The Last One05 400 Years (feat. Mike Taylor)06 Days Like These (feat. Domini Quinn Superstar)07 Run08 Trouble (feat. Tiani Victoria)09 Never Be (A Gangsta) (feat. Superstar Yay & Kdot the Show Stopa)10 Animal11 The Op Ed12 It’s Over13 Precious Lord (feat. Minister Jamie Knight)