Cheat Sheet: Dr. Dre’s Funk Comes Alive in This 23-Hour Playlist of Career-Spanning Samples


Today, we raise our glasses for Compton’s finest, Dr. Dre, as the perennial production powerhouse celebrates his 52nd lap around the sun. No secret that Dre, rap game vet of more than 30 years, has landed classics in all three eras. To borrow a note from my colleague, Dre’s like “if Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson were the same person.”

So as a follow-up to our J Dilla “Cheat Sheet,” we’ve gone and soured Spotify’s databanks for every single sample used by the G-funk-pioneer-turned-rap-billionaire throughout a heroic career. Clocking in at just over 23-hours long , our sophomore installment is basically a chronology of (not just) knee-deep funk, with dashes of orchestral movie score madness, and plenty of love for his fellow luminaries. Main takeaway: as many bridges as he’s built to the past, Dre was never shy about his taste for the contemporary. He’d gather sounds from the baby years to the golden era to the aughts and beyond, treating each generation as fertile sample fodder for his own swaggering concoctions.

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