“Alt Lady Liberty” Activists Hang “Refugees Welcome” Banner on Statue of Liberty


A group of activists referring to themselves as “Alt Lady Liberty” have taken a defiant stance against the current presidential administration. Yesterday, around 1pm, a 3 x 20 ft. banner reading “Refugees Welcome” was hanged at the foot of NYC’s iconic Statue of Liberty. It was taken down by National Park police roughly one hour later.

Speaking directly to the Trump administration’s “travel ban” and the explicitly racist M.O. thereof, the activist group delivered a joint statement to CNN:

“We wanted to send a reminder about America when we’re at our best — the country that’s a beacon of freedom to the world, built by immigrants. Walling off countries or entire religions is against our values. That’s what the Statue of Liberty stands for.”

And though the action was short-lived, its sentiment will live on and fuel the most unified resistance against a presidential regime since the mid-sixties. Peep a photo of the Alt Lady Liberty’s work down below.