Bareneise Dixon Becomes First-Ever Black Woman Major At Alabama Police Department

Bareneise Dixon Becomes First-Ever Black Woman Major At Alabama Police Department

A police department in Alabama has elected its first-ever African-American female major.

Bareneise Dixon, a 28-year law-enforcement veteran who got her start as a police operator in Saraland, Alabama, was promoted from captain to major at Mobile, Alabama’s police department, this past Friday.

“I look forward to serving in my capacity as commander over special operations, so thank you,” Dixon said in an interview with local news station WKRG.

“I also have to acknowledge the efforts of those that paved the way in order for me to obtain this rank. You don’t get where you are by yourself. I’ve been honored to work with a lot of people in the Mobile Police Department, some that are still here, some that are not here,” Dixon added.

Last month Alabama also elected its first-ever African-American woman District Attorney.

Lynneice Washington officially took up the position after defeating republican incumbent Bill Veitch by 299 votes. The 49-year-old, who was originally born in Birmingham, served in a number of notable roles prior to becoming DA, including presiding judge over the Bessemer Municipal court and assistant DA for the Bessemer Cutoff.

“I had no clue of the history I was making,” Washington said in an interview with “I love serving people and protecting the underdog.”

Washington briefly stated what she hoped to accomplish as Alabama’s DA in the interview, saying that her “objective is to be fair and balanced in all cases.”

“I want to be able to stand up when there is some type of inequality, even as a prosecutor,” Washington said. “I have been sworn to uphold the laws fairly and in a balanced fashion. As a prosecutor we are bound to do that.”