Madame Gandhi Asks For Us To #BeBoldForChange On International Women’s Day

Madame Gandhi Asks For Us To #BeBoldForChange On International Women’s Day

Photo of Madame Gandhi courtesy of Deirdre O’Callaghan for WeTransfer Studios.

The good folks at WeTransfer Studios are linking up with Madame Gandhi to commemorate International Women’s Day and join in championing #ADayWithoutAWoman with the theme, #BeBoldForChange.

Together, they embody an optimistic, fearless and impactful movement that aims to create opportunities and routes for more female voices in our community. Beginning at this very moment, WeTransfer will feature full-screen wallpapers to raise awareness, while Madame Gandhi shares an impassioned message, which you can watch below.

The former drummer for M.I.A., Kiran Gandhi, an artist and activist, is known around the world as the “iconic free-bleeding runner“. “I run to hear myself think,” the Harvard University MBA holder says to WeTransfer. “I have always been passionate about music, and I have always been passionate about feminism. Even as a little girl, I knew the marketing sent towards women wasn’t fair. I knew that it was always more desirable to be the boy — you can be the hero, you can be strong, you can win. But the girls I saw were the princess who needed to be saved.”

With the core principle of 3D femininity, Madame Gandhi will also be releasing limited edition copies of her debut EP Voices on vinyl, plus the specially-commissioned film to mark International Women’s Day. “I see it as my responsibility to exhibit and celebrate all the different emotions and personalities we possess,” Gandhi said. There’s work to be done, y’all, and no time like the present is the best way to start.

Peep Madame Gandhi’s message for International Women’s Day below and get involved by clicking here: