Ma$e Connects w/ Puff Daddy DJ Khaled for New Single “Rap Rushmore”

Ma$e comes back with more fire

Two weeks ago, rapper Ma$e dropped a scathing diss against frienemy Cam’ron. After he released his diss, Ma$e said that more new music was on the way.

He’s keeping his promise.

On Tuesday the rapper dropped “Rap Rushmore,” a new track featuring Puff Daddy and DJ Khaled.

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The song features the veteran MC rapping over the UFO sample that Big Daddy Kane made famous. After dropping the song, Ma$e appeared on the Angie Martinez Show on Power 105 for an extended interview.

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Ma$e talked about a number of things, including the beef with Cam’ron. Ma$e sounded like he was over it, but he did say that if Cam doesn’t stop it’s “gonna end bad for him.”

Listen to “Rap Rushmore” and the Power 105 interview below.