Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Inspired Ash Cash To Create A Financial Advice Book, “The Wake Up Call”

Jay-Z & Vic Mensa Demolish D.C. For '4:44' Tour

Photo Credit: Vickey Ford for Okayplayer

Jay-Z continues to be an inspiration to the people, as his 4:44 album had educated people on financial literacy.

One person in particular is Ash Exantus, better known as Ash Cash. Taking what he learned from 4:44, Ash applied his knowledge into a new book titled The Wake Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned from 4:44 + A Step by Step Guide on How to Implement Each Financial Principle.

“My inspiration for the book was that Jay was giving so much knowledge about how you can become financially free … as an individual as well as how we (as a culture) can break the cycle of poverty in our community,” Cash told HipHopDX. “Because some of the concepts may be new to some of us, I wanted to expound more on the blueprint that Jay gave us (pun intended). In essence Jay gave us the ‘what.’ My goal with the book was to give the ‘how.’”

To gain some knowledge about how to breakthrough the debt and drought, cop Ash Cash’s book by clicking here.

Source: HipHopDX