Report: Social Media Backlash Made Justin Timberlake Scrap the Prince Hologram

Report: Social Media Backlash Made Justin Timberlake Scrap the Prince Hologram

Source: NBC

Thank you… Black Twitter?

Justin Timberlake was all set to use a Prince hologram during his Super Bowl LII halftime show, but backed out at the last minute,

According to insiders Page Six talked to, Timberlake “was 100 percent ready to use the hologram but nixed it due to backlash from social media and Prince fans. That’s why he had that sheet up like in your mama’s backyard.”

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The “sheet” this source was talking about was a projector featuring Prince singing “I Would Die 4 U,”,” while Timberlake sat at the piano.

The news of a Prince hologram leaked Saturday and was one of the storylines that dominated Super Bowl weekend. On the day before the Super Bowl, longtime Prince collaborator Sheila E. sent out a tweet saying she talked to Timberlake and that there wasn’t going to be a hologram:

After the performance, Sheila E. talked to ET about how the conversation went down:

“I just said no. I just felt that it was too soon…The hologram was weird, and Prince did tell me [to] make sure nobody ever does a hologram of me. ‘If you’re still here, make sure nobody does a hologram.’ He thought it was very demonic and that’s his spiritual beliefs.”

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Morris Day, another frequent Prince collaborator, said that Prince would “be proud” of Justin Timberlake’s performance. Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson shared similar views saying she enjoyed JT’s tribute. 

Source: Page Six