Pac Div Take A Risk Roll The Dice With A Strong Return (Audio)

West Coast Rap group Pac Div (f/k/a Pacific Division) have not been in the spotlight in recent times, with occasional, yet promising singles appearing here and there. Pac Div member Mibbs grabbed a mic of his own, and released his debut EP, FREEBASS in 2013, and The Program in 2014.

Today (June 24) the trio have a track on their hands that is sure to create some buzz. “Roll The Dice” was leaked onto the Internet by one of the group members off a recording session from their cancelled debut album, Grown Kid Syndrome. The Palmdale, California crew sounds like they’re going back to their old sound, like the 2009 critically acclaimed mixtape Pac Div EP

Pac Div Take A Risk Roll The Dice With A Strong Return (Audio)


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“Roll The Dice” is about the trials and tribulations of life. The groups members each rap about the ups and downs of their career, and how they sometimes feel like they haven’t made it. The cut possess a smooth, sultry beat with raw rhymes on each verse. A mixtape is supposedly dropping very soon, but stay tuned by checking out the track here.

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