Best and Worst Moments at 2015 BET Awards

Best and Worst Moments at 2015 BET Awards Christopher Polk/BET, Getty Images

If you missed the 2015 BET Awards on Sunday (June 28), you definitely slept on a solid three-and-a-half hours of stellar performances, justified winners and well-deserved tributes. After a red carpet pre-show that included performances from the likes of Lil Mama and Travi$ Scott, among others, the actual show kicked off live at 8 p.m. from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

There was an abundance of highlights during the evening including big wins in award categories, namely Beyonce who walked away with three trophies (Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Video of the Year and Video Director of the Year) despite not attending the ceremony. While the BeyHive was reveling in that glory, there was also some disappointing activity that occurred. If you happened to miss any of the must-see moments, never fear, The Boombox was tuned in and has you covered. Check out the Best and Worst Moments at 2015 BET Awards.


Best: Diddy's Bad Boy Celebration



P. Diddy can't stop and won't stop, just look at his resiliency to go on after a slight tumble onstage at the BET Awards during his 20-year anniversary set at the show. But all jokes aside, Diddy has persevered through tragedy and change and emerged unscathed and still on top of his game years later. So it was only right that BET celebrated 20 years of Bad Boy with an explosive reunion. The music mogul brought out everyone from the LOX to 112 to Faith Evans to Lil' Kim. Diddy made sure to put on a show for the fans of '90s hip-hop by running through a few of the label's most timeless classics including "All About the Benjamins," "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down," "Feel So Good," "Peaches & Cream." And while not having Black Rob in attendance may have put a damper on things, Lil' Kim's royal entrance and subsequent verse slightly made up for it.



Worst: Tamar Braxton's Eyes Go 'Clockwork Orange'



Toni Braxton was one of the biggest sex symbols of the '90s and continues to get heads swerving in her direction in 2015. Her sister, Tamar, not so much. While a talented songstress in her own right, she caught flack for something other than her vocals Sunday evening at the BET Awards. During her kiss-and-makeup performance with K. Michelle, Tamar's wide-eyed stare complete with caked-on mascara during her performance was on the weirder side. She looked reminiscent of Alex in A Clockwork Orange. Could it have been fake eyelashes? Mascara that was irritating her eyes? Or was she just trying to keep her attention on those in the audience? Whatever it was, her googly eyes were captured in photos that quickly became the subject of memes and slander. Nice girls finish last too, as Tamar's moment of solidarity with K. Michelle to squash their beef turned into a moment of hilarity.



Worst: Busta Rhymes Plays iPhone Photographer in a Bedazzled Jacket



In this age of technology, phones and social media have become more essential than ever. In most any setting you're in, the moment is greatly enhanced by the presence of Wi-Fi and tweeting or throwing up photos on Instagram has become commonplace. So when the 2015 BET Awards hosts Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson wanted to snap a flick with Tori Kelly onstage, someone had to be the unsuspecting schmuck to play photog. And in this particular instance, it was Busta Rhymes of all people. As he walked up onstage in his red bedazzled jacket it was hard to take your eyes off him for both his gaudy attire and the awkward snap. Now, we're sure he was in on the action considering he had a Samsung phone at the ready, but if we had to take a poll asking which rapper is most likely to partake in shooting photos for others at awards shows, Busta would be at the bottom of the list.


Christopher Polk/BET, Getty Images

Christopher Polk/BET, Getty Images


Worst: The Empire Keeps Striking Back



Cross-promotion is nothing new and has been going on in entertainment for years. But the excessive push that Empire stars Bryshere "Yazz" Gray and Jussie Smollett have received at awards shows is a bit much. Yes, we know they can sing but hearing "Drip Drop" wasn't a highlight of the event. After hitting the Billboard Music Awards just last month, they hit the stage yet again, taking up a slot that would be better reserved by a more accomplished and deserving artist. Not to mention that the pair's performance was quite pedestrian in comparison to the others, making for a forgettable set.



Best: Nicki Minaj Gives DeJ Loaf a Big Co-sign



The lack of female MC's in rap has been a recurring topic for years, with many noting a lack of unity among the women on the mic being detrimental to the cause. Well, Nicki Minaj took a step forward Sunday night and decided to publicly endorse rising star DeJ Loaf, who has been making waves since gaining
attention with her single, "Try Me," in 2014.

During the singers acceptance speech, she threw props to the Detroit native by saying, "I don't know where you are Dej Loaf, but you've been super... interesting to me" and showering praise on the rapper. Notoriously known for being somewhat of a diva, Nicki pushed her ego to the side and gave the shine to a fellow female MC, making for one of the more surprising moments of the night.



Worst: Rihanna Disses VP of BET



Rihanna was omnipresent throughout the whole evening of the 2015 BET Awards, leaving a trail of fake-dead celebrities strewn about in promotion of the upcoming video for her latest single "B---- Better Have My Money." But somewhere along the line, things got heated and Rihanna wound up throwing a stack of money into Stephen Hill's - President of Programming for BET - face. The exchange was captured on camera for the world to see and displays how stardom can go to an entertainers head to the point that disrespect is flippant and second nature. And while we love Rih Rih at The Boombox, we'd be lying if we didn't say it came off as a bit distasteful and unnecessary.



Best: Smokey Robinson Tribute



One of the most accomplished songwriters of our time, Smokey Robinson is a legend and a treasure. Helping to build the legacy of Motown Records from scratch, the debonair soul-man has penned some of the greatest songs that will ever be known to man.

BET recognized Robinson's contributions and awarded him with the Lifetime Achievement Award. After glowing words from the likes of Janelle Monae, John Legend, and Berry Gordy, Robinson himself took the stage and gave a memorable speech, urging us to not take the love of the people for granted before giving an impromptu performance. A beautiful moment if there ever was.



Best: Fetty Wap Closes Out The Show



BET may be a storied institution of Black excellence, but in recent times, the iconic network has gotten a lot of flack for the dip its programming has taken in terms of quality and cultural accountability. But while they have been accused of doing many things wrong over the years, Debra Lee and company certainly got it right when they made sure that Fetty Way closed out the 2015 BET Awards.

Performing his runaway hit, "Trap Queen," Fetty took the stage and shut the ______ down with his wailing harmonies and undeniable charm. And by the time 2016 comes around, Fetty Wap may be on stage yet again, only this time to receive an award, who knows?



Big Sean was nominated for three BET Awards, but wound up taking no hardware. His outstanding live performance earned him a consolation prize though, as it trumped all others of the night. Running through a few of his Dark Sky Paradise cuts, Sean pulled out all the stops as far as stage production and presentation, as his time on stage was nothing less than jaw-dropping.



Worst: Chris Brown Plays The Third Wheel



Chris Brown got plenty of airtime during the 2015 BET Awards, whether it was via his own performance or while accepting the award. Known as a ladies man and a regular in the tabloids due to his high-profile relationships, Chris might have found himself feeling a little lonely throughout the night. We say that because during Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's lovey dovey moments while performing "All Eyez On Me," the usually magnetic Breezy seemed a bit distant. And with all of the attention that Kerrueche has been getting as of late, along with another old flame being arguably the biggest r&b star on the planet at the moment, it may have been us, but it sure looked like Chris Brown was getting a case of the feelz up there for a sec. Not a good look, bro.


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