One Of Michael Jackson’s Legendary White Gloves To Be Sold At Auction


$20,000 will be the opening bid on one of Michael Jackson‘s iconic white sequined gloves, which is set to go up for auction later this week. The glove is being sold by auction house Nate D Sanders and bidding begins on Thursday, July 30th.

It’s the third of Jackson’s famous gloves to be sol at a high-profile public auction. In 2009, the shiny mitt he wore as he debuted his moonwalk live at the Motown 25 special sold for $350,000. Another, similar white glove was sold at a Las Vegas auction for $160,000.

The specific glove now up for sale was initially given by Jackson to a friend, Paul Bedard. The Guardian reports that Bedard painted numerous pieces for Mackson’s personal collection, including one piece that featured George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, ET and, of course, Michael Jackson himself all wearing the glove (check it out). Bedard sold the glove to a private collection in 2005.

The glove’s winner will take home early sketches of Bedard’s as well as signed letters of authenticity. Also going up for auction at Nate D Sanders is one of the early prototype jackets designed for MJ’s “Bad” video. You can bet that many a music-love is taking a long look at their savings accounts right now.

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