Chance The Rapper Details The Kanye West ‘Surf’ Appearance That Never Was


Chance The Rapper formally introduced himself, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment to the world with Surf, which was about as playful and well-executed a record as we’ve seen in 2015. It’s earned plenty of nods since and we’ve all heard rumors of the collaborations that never were, but one fellow Chicagoan was suspiciously absent, particularly in regards to how much he had championed his hometown’s new batch of renaissance men. That presence was the unmistakeable hand and voice of one Kanye West, who has been confirmed as a future collaborator by Chano in recent months, but as of now, remains a fruitless promise nonetheless. But a new interview with The Guardian found young Chancellor waxing sentimental on the influence of Kanye and his legacy has had on his still adolescent career, describing him as a patriarch to The Windy City’s movement towards a return to socially sharp commentary, even gracing Ye with the very first ears on Surf. Chance goes on to tell how Kanye was initially in-line to narrate the entirety of the record; a novel and quite fitting premise that never quite took form. And while that would have been perhaps the single greatest gesture in passing of the proverbial torch, some things are just too good to be true. Read Chance The Rapper’s full interview with The Guardian below and hold tight for the imminent collaborative vibes.

>>>Read Chance The Rapper’s full interview with The Guardian 

“In the final weeks of getting ready to put it out we had vocal chops that we were using from ’Ye talking about some of the themes of the project. Through just thinking about it, it didn’t end up happening that way. Not to say it wouldn’t have been dope as shit!”

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