DJ Premier Has His Way With The “I Love Kanye” A Cappella


Ever since the arrival of Kanye West‘s The Life Of Pablo LP, DJ and producers of all rankings have been trying their hand at accompanying the album’s self-adulating ode “I Love Kanye” with their very sonic suites. There was, of course, the inevitable and totally expected Seinfeld theme mash, but it certainly didn’t stop there. Everyone from Hezekiah to Stefan Ponce have put their own spins on TLOP‘s mid-album love-fest.

Today, however, a tried and true legend steps into the arena. The mighty DJ Premier has relinquished his very own treatment for “I Love Kanye,” pairing Ye’s bars with a track that is supremely Preemo with its creeping piano lick and slow-knocking kick and snare, no hi-hat necessary. The track is available for you to hear below and add to your “I Love Kanye” compilation album (wait, that’s actually a fantastic idea — who’s go the hook-up?!) For those looking to catch DJ Premier in-the-flesh, you’ll have to track him down in either LA (March 11th at The Belasco Theater) or Belgium (July 14th at Festival Dour,) neither of which are a cheap ticket. Here’s hoping the “I Love Kanye” train never comes to its end.

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