Premiere: Lex Sadler’s Rhythm & Stealth Gets Melodic With Electronics On “Undercover”


As core a component to NYC’s ever-expanding belt of r&b-loving jazz cats with a penchant for circuits and motherboards, Lex Sadler‘s brushed ‘bows with the best of em. His Rhythm & Stealth ensemble is a motley crew of some of the sharpest musicians this side of the Mississippi and with their debut album, Polytronic, they stand to prove that even the bleepest of the bloop can get submerged, knee-deep in the groove.

Today, we bring you the inaugural offering from Rhythm & Stealth’s debut, “Undercover;” a focused, electronically-propelled number that floats over a bed of synthesizers, punctuated by a driving knock and underscored by the commanding voice of Abena KoomsonPolytronic, out now exclusively in Japan via P-Vine Records, hosts a sizable guest list of seasoned players, including Cory Henry, Yuki HiranoNat TownsleyBrad Allen Williams and more. Get swept up in the hypnotic electronics of Rhythm & Stealth down below and be sure to hold tight for their next move. You may not see it comingbut you’ll certainly hear it. You can pick up your copy digitally on iTunes today, but for the wax, hit the P-Vine Shop