Pass The Popcorn: Usher Is Sugar Ray Leonard In Hard-Hitting Trailer For Roberto Duran Biopic ‘Hands Of Stone’


This summer, the boxing movie trope gets another potentially great addition as Usher, Robert De Niro and Edgar Ramirez put their efforts forth in the new biopic treatment of legendary Panamanian fighter, Roberto DuranHands Of Stone, directed by Jonathan Jakubowiczchronicles Duran and equally-heralded trainer, Ray Arcel’s (portrayed by De Niro,) come-up as the single defining entities in each other’s lives, culminating in a 1980 bout with, and subsequent victory over, Sugar Ray Leonard, who is portrayed by Usher with uncanny resemblance ( I mean, just look at that screen grab.) 

The film is spearheaded by The Weinstein Company and will be in theaters this summer, though no precise date has been announced just yet. The film comes as Usher’s very first role in a major motion picture since a cameo as a janitor in Scary Movie 5 in 2013, surely a redemptive cinematic moment for the r&b sensation. You can watch the full trailer for Hands Of Stone down below, just be sure to keep check back for updates on when you can actually see this thing. If you want to see Usher in his true form, make sure you’re at Festival Pier in Philly on June 4th to see him rock with the legendary Roots crew at The 9th Annual Roots Picnic.