Connor Evans Offers ‘Unique’ From ‘The Vibe’ Album


It’s been a few years since the music game have heard from St. Thomas native, Connor Evans. After hitting greenies in the face with some good vibes in the form of “Ganja,” which featured Villz on the hook, OKP is happy to premiere his second single for your audio enjoyment. Like other rappers who aim to find themselves within the biz, Connor Evans took a few paces back to rediscover himself and focus on getting his personal life in order before reappearing with new work.

Now, with that introspection in the rearview, Connor Evans latest and greatest effort is surpassing expectations. Armed with a renewed focus and energy, this tune is possibly a big one in the making. Thankfully, this frequency is stemming from Connor Evans’ upcoming album, The Vibe. When asked about the inspiration behind “Unique,” which should have a release date announced shortly, Connor told us:

“This was one of the first records I wrote after moving to the Virgin Islands. I wrote the first half of this song while on a plane to London while traveling alone. After staying there for a few nights, I then spent a week in Budapest. I wrote the second half of the song after my first few days in Nashville when I returned to the United States. I had a lot of experiences that rocked me and took me out of a routine I was falling into. For a while there I was finding it hard to really feel and connect with my own emotions.”

“Unique” is a record about getting in touch with one’s self and being reminded about who you are. “We cut [the song] spur of the moment in our friend Brad’s auto shop, Unique Automotive, in Nashville.” Amidst a ton of old school whips, graffiti and energy, Connor riffed the chorus, which was kept because it went well with song, as he built it out to be a moment of clarity for those who live through unique experiences.

Listen to “Unique” below + keep an eye and ear out for the announcement for Connor Evans’ album release date: