The Revolution Are Reuniting And Playing “Some Shows” In Honor Of Prince


It’s only right isn’t it? That Wendy, Lisa, Bobby Z. Brown Mark and Dr. Fink, BKA The Revolution, would be reuniting in honor of the late Prince. Today, via Brown Mark’s Facebook, the five-piece, which served as his air-tight ensemble (in various configurations) from 1979-1986, announced that after spending the last few days mourning the loss of their fearless, funky leader, that they would be getting the band back together to perform “some shows” in the very near future.

If followed through, this would mark the group’s first reunion since 2014, when, according to Questlove‘s recent essay on The Purple One’s legacy influence upon him, Prince actually drove right by. The group did not state a timeline for the reunion, but based on Wendy’s tone alone, we have a feeling that it’ll happen sooner than any of us could have imagined. And all in the name of Prince. Watch as Wendy, Lisa, Bobby Z, Brown Mark and Dr. Fink announce their reunion in the clip below and hold tight for their next transmission. Doves may be crying, but The Revolution’s looking to bring it all back in perfectly purple fashion.