J Rocc Spins All Purple Everything In His ‘Thank U Prince’ Mix


As the weeks go on, countless tribute and salutes to the everlasting glow of Prince will imminently surface, both as a reminder of all that he’s given us in his four decade run as the most electrifying man in the biz and a continuation of that unflinching legacy, still inspiring us all. Today, Stones Throw selector, J Rocc, unleashed his own personal tribute to The Purple One via his KPFK radio show, Adventures In Stereo, compiling live cuts, hidden treasures, as well as classic mixes of The Purple One’s pieces by Egyptian Lover and The World Class Wrecking Crew. You’ll even hear the likes of some of his Stones Throw labelmates chiming in throughout the impressive two-hour mix. No track list has been revealed just yet, but we feel confident that you’ll be able to place at least a few of these joints.

Hear all of the rarities and deep cuts in J Rocc’s Thank U Prince tributary down below. You can also see and hear the likes of Dam-Funk, Peanut Butter Wolf and C-Minus reflect on the loss of The Purple One in the clip, just under the player.