Ta-Nehisi Coates Narrates A Black Panther Companion Piece, Scored By Run The Jewels


With all of the commotion surrounding the appearance of Black Panther in Marvels latest blockbuster big screen treatment, Captain America: Civil War, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that the acclaimed Ta-Nehisi Coates has quietly and tactfully taken up the task of penning T’Challa’s printed script. Black Panther #1 sold a jaw-dropping 300,000-plus copies and today, with the release of the reboot’s second installment, Marvel has release a companion scripts to the series, narrated by the author and scored by hip-hop most animated and dynamic duo, Run The Jewels

And so, if the Avengers film disguised as a Captain America sequel didn’t provide you with the full backdrop you were hoping for in terms of Black Panther’s Wankandan origins, or your simply looking to get caught up with the new print, this here should do the trick, and maybe even screw your face up a bit with Killer Mike and El-P leading the musical barrage. Now let’s see if we can’t make a compelling case for Black Panther’s breakout film to feature the audible assault of these two Gs. Peep the full video down below and pick up your copy of Black Panther #2 today via Marvel or your local comic book shop.