Afrika Bambaataa Breaks Silence On Sexual Abuse Claims, Denies Any Wrongdoing


Afrika Bambaataa has put an end to his silence in the wake of disturbing claims of sexual abuse and molestation that date back to the mid-70s. Over the weeks, three men have brought allegations against the hip-hop pioneer in hopes to amend an antiquated statute of limitations that prevents anyone from bringing charges against an public of private figure 90 days after the alleged crime took place.

After weeks of non-action on the part of The Universal Zulu Nation, an organization that Bambaataa himself helped to found, addressed the matter in a press release, stating that they would be taking on new leadership. Though never naming Bambaataa specifically as he had stepped down from an official position within the organization over twenty years ago, he remains its most prominent ambassador to the world, waving his flag for The Nation at every opportunity. Last night, Bam spoke with NYC’s Fox 5, finally addressing the claims at hand, denying any wrongdoing while stressing the value of the work he’s done throughout his career to help the very community that his initial accuser, Ronald Savage, had come from.

And while Bambaataa’s words go along way in protecting him from any legal battles in the foreseeable future, his reputation in the court of public opinion has no doubt taken a hit, which it may never recover from. The story is still developing, but you can hit the link below to watch Afrika Bambaataa’s first interview addressing the claims below.

>>>Watch Afrika Bambaataa’s interview (via Fox 5)