GoldLink Celebrates His Birthday w/ A Fiery Freestyle (prod. Kaytranada)


“I was 18, angry, and woke up everyday ready to die for wuteva , and now here I am at 23 years old. Shits wild”

At the age of 23, GoldLink, has accomplished more than most do in a lifetime. The DMV doer-of-all-things-vocal was worked with legends of yesteryear and now alike (Rick Rubin and Kaytranada to name just a few) exhibiting an ability to effortlessly adapt to whatever his sonic surroundings may be. Today, as he celebrates his 23rd year with us, GL offers us a peak into his adolescent angst with the release of the fiery “Celebration Freestyle” which was produced by Kaytra and apparently written when he was just 18. For those who may have thought GoldLink was all sunshine and romantic and reminiscences based on his Soulection affiliations, this should provide you with a glimpse at very different side to the malleable vocalist. Hear GoldLink’s Kaytranada-produced “Celebration Freestyle” and peep his full slate of forthcoming tour dates below, including one stop at NYC’s Summerstage for a freebie on the green. His debut album And After That, We Didn’t Talk is out now and available to purchase via iTunes.

Tour Dates:Jun 12 @ Brighton City Airport – Adur, United KingdomJul 15 @ Victoria Park – London, United KingdomAug 13 @ Suvilahti Power Plant – Helsinki, FinlandAug 28 @ SummerStage, Central Park – New York, NY