Desiigner Flipped His XXL Freshman Freestyle Into An Actual Song And It’s Straight Fire


As incomprehensible as it was, Desiigner‘s XXL Freshman Freestyle offered us a glimpse into the Bed-Stuy sensation’s post-“Panda” career. But much to our surprise, the spirited a cappella was no where in sight on his debut mixtape, New English. Well, for those of you who were waiting for a full-fledged version of the track currently referred to as “Timmy Turner,” Desiigner appears to have heeded the call, as a clip of him and G.O.O.D. Music producer Mike Dean banging out to a snippet of the cut has surfaced, and truth be told, it’s straight fire.

You can hear how the track was built off the lone hypnotic vocal, underscoring the take with deep synth beds and a rattling trap drum program. We can’t say exactly when the full track will arrive, but this should hold you over, if you were even hoping for it. Get a taste of Desiigner’s “Timmy Turner” in the clip below and hold tight for the full reveal to arrive in the days ahead. New English is available to stream and purchase as a TIDAL exclusive.