FSG Podcast

FSG Podcast

We are friends, living in different cities with completely different lives. But despite those differences, we enjoy each other’s conversation and perspective, and we often find ourselves giggling uncontrollably at something we’ve said. Why not capture some of those moments, talk about any and everything, and share it with the world? This podcast is really about having a good time, sharing and connecting, debating and discussion, and doing something on an impulse for experience’s sake! We’re educated, professional, optimistic, fun women who have plenty of opinions about most things going on. We also share a deep fondness of Ellen DeGeneres (it’s really not random – we love her… and for good reason), so we’ll talk about her too – every week to some extent.

Listen, we’re just here to have a good time. It’s as simple as that. We’re doing this show for sh*ts and giggles, for memories, for moments. What’s the point, you ask? What’s NOT the point?? Don’t over think it, just check us out! 

Tuesdays 8pm est. & Thursdays 2pm est.



FSG Podcast Hosts


Natural Essence Media


“Natural Essence Media is a London-based Independent Dance Label discovering exciting House Music and promoting emerging and established artists”
We have released a number of singles from artists stretching from South Africa to North America and back to Europe. Natural Essence Media’s catalogue has built an impressive track record since our reformation in 2010. Receiving love and support from some of the world’s Top DJ’s in the Deep, Soulful and Nu Disco House genres.
Our company continues on its path towards spreading our vibe and love of House Music, bringing through up and coming artists as well as working with some of the world’s most established artists. We have managed to build a loyal following of music lovers around the globe.
Our weekly radio show ‘The Natural Essence House Show’, features guest mixes from our artists and DJ’s from the world of House Music. Showcasing new music from our  Natural Essence Media imprint and music from some of House Music rising stars.

Tuesdays 8-10pm Est

Fridays 10pm-12 am Est  


Guest DJs

Kev Kruzkev kruz

John Soulpark
Black Gloves
Black Gloves Cosmic Rain
DJ Greg G
DJ Greg G
DJ Mellow Dee
DJ Melowdee NEHS
DJ Tado
DJ Tado